Open source software interface for Smart Factory applications

Hermes Standard   MQTT   Smart Interface  

The libsmartfactory is a free and open source software solution which provides several easy to use interfaces for Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 applications:
  • a lightweight Hermes/IPC9852-interface (sometimes also named as "The Hermes Standard" or "IPC-HERMES-9852") for inter-machine control and communication
  • a MQTT client interface to send machine or device information to a MQTT-broker
  • a Smart Interface implementation to provide processing and state information
Due to its scalability and open implementation it can be used for control and notification tasks together with lean, embedded IoT/IIoT (Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things) devices as well as for control of complete machines and coordination or inter-machine communication in complex production lines.

The sources of libsmartfactory are available in public GIT at in a variant for wxWidgets (using wxString and wxXML) and in a variant which uses std::string and PugiXML.

The libsmartfactory API is described in detail in manual from in section "Shared library libsmartfactory".

For the Smart Interface there is also an Android-App available which can be used to visualise machine states announced by a device or machine which uses the libsmartfactory:
More information including downloads and full sources are available at the Sourceforge™ project page at

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